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Read on for more detail about what Unscrabble is and why a business would use it…

What is Unscrabble?

Unscrabble is a solution that companies use to connect with other companies - their suppliers and customers. When connections are made, information can be shared between the companies easily, quickly and accurately.

Unscrabble simplifies the engagement processes, reduces the time it takes to gather and evaluate company information and makes it easier to keep information up to date.

No more forms, emails spreadsheets and expensive portals. Unscrabble helps companies keep information up to date in a single location and streamline the access to it by your trusted connections.

Benefits for Buyers

If you’re a buyer, managing a large base of suppliers and finding new suppliers can be a challenge. Unscrabble helps you:

  • Keep all your suppliers details in one location
  • Find suppliers that meet your specific requirements
  • Connect with suppliers to see detailed information about their company
  • Access trading information (master data) quickly and accurately

Benefits for Suppliers

If you’re a supplier, you’ve experienced how difficult it is to exchange information with your buyers. Unscrabble helps you:

  • Keep information up to date in a single location
  • Share this information with your trusted connections
  • Be easily found by potential new customers
  • Share updates of your information with your connections

Our vision.

Our vision is to connect companies with all their suppliers and customers to deliver transparency throughout the supply chain.

Companies, driven by consumer demands, are attempting to achieve a transparent supply chain to ensure that everyone from their direct suppliers to their 10th tier supplier of raw materials are behaving ethically and responsibly. With an ever changing supply base, this is near impossible.

Unscrabble, by connecting customers with their suppliers, is the only solution that can deliver end-to-end supply chain transparency, and enable us to collectively and effectively address ethical issues in the supply chain.

Who we are

The Unscrabble team has worked with large corporate buyers and small businesses in global and local Supply Chains.

Working closely with companies of all shapes and sizes, we saw the burden that corporate process have on small companies. We saw the cumbersome, time consuming, inefficient and repetitive processes driven by corporates and knew that there had to be a better way… it needed to be Unscrabbled!

The team at Unscrabble brings their global supply chain experience together with a smart and innovative solution design and development team.

We have the backing of investors, have won a coveted place in Westpac’s innovation program and are working with large organisations in banking, retail, mining and local government to develop the solution.

Our Team

Steve Mardon

Steve Mardon

Co-founder and CEO

Steve has worked with some of the largest global resources companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Anglo American and led Procurement systems and process improvement initiatives in these companies.

These roles have given Steve experience in developing and implementing systems for transactional procurement, e-Procurement and e-Sourcing, contracts management, sourcing & category management, enterprise data warehouse and analytics, and vendor portals.

Steve has achieved MCIPS status and is deputy chair of the QLD regional CIPS committee.

Working for over 20 years in Procurement & Supply Chain, Steve saw first hand the struggle that large companies have with change and innovation. Despite enormous investments in systems, there are still processes that are unsupported, frustrating for buyers and suppliers and still largely manual and time consuming.

Steve believes there’s a role for innovative startups to tackle the problems that get left untouched and that companies can be more accountable for what occurs in the supply chains they purchase from.

Sujata Karandikar

Sujata Karandikar

Co-founder and Director of Social Responsibility

Sujata began her corporate career working in procurement for global mining companies in systems, analytics and process improvement. Her roles in mining had her working with small businesses in regional mining towns. More recently she has been implementing an ethical sourcing strategy for a national department store.

It’s in ethical sourcing that her passion truly lies. So many of us don’t know where the products we use every day come from – where the raw materials were sourced, environmental impacts of production, the conditions of the factories and the workers who were part of the process.

Sujata’s background in systems and analytics has enabled her to understand exactly what processes and systems are required to support and promote an ethical supply chain. It’s this knowledge that has gone into Unscrabble.